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Country overview: Eritrea

Official name Hagere Eritrea (The State of Eritrea)
Head of State: President Issaias Afwerki (assumed power May 1991; elected President  by Nation al Assembly Jun 8, 1993)
Ruling party: People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) (formerly the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF)
Flag:  Eritrea Flag
Area:  125,000 square km
Population:  4,786,994 (July 2006 est.) 
Life expectancy:  over all: 56.18 years; male:53.73 years; female:    58.71 years (2001 est.)


Muslim, Coptic Christian, Roman Catholic, Protestant and Indigenous believes
Capital:  Asmara
Other Cities and population in 2002 (EIU estimates):
Asmara  500,000
Assab  70,000
Keren 70,000
Mendefera  65,000
Masawa 35,000
Official language:  There is no official language but the working language is Tigrinya/Arabic
Time:                           3+GMT
Fiscal year: January 1st
Measures:                   Metric system
Electricity supply:  220V AC, 50 cycles
Currency:  Nakfa (Nk) = 100 cents; Exchange rate: 15 Nakfa per US$1 (Jan 2005)
GDP per capita:  US$198 (2000)
GDP real growth:  3.50% (2000)
Inflation:  19.90% (2000)
Major Intl. Organizations UN (FAO, IBRD, ILO, IMF, IMO, WHO), OAU
Internet country code:  .er  (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or IANA for country top level domain names)
Dialing code for Eritrea IDD access code + 291 followed by area code (1 for Asmara,1 for Masawa)
Geography: Eritrea extends inland from the Red Sea coast of eastern Africa. To the south, the country has a long frontier with Ethiopia, and a short frontier with Djibouti. Sudan lies to the north and west.
Climate: Eritrea has two rain seasons with in the year in two different regions while the Semhar/Coastal is wet-rain season, the other regions hot and dry which includes Asmara, the dry season runs from October-May with temperatures ranging from as low as 6 degrees C in December to 26 degrees C in March (light rain from February-April). The rainy season runs from June-September with average temperature 21 degrees C. Rainfall are less than 500mm per year in lowland areas, increasing to 1,000mm in the highlands. Average annual temperatures range from 17 degrees C in the highlands to 30 degrees C in Massawa. The Danakil depression in the south-east, which is more than 130 meters below sea-level in places, experiences some of the highest temperatures recorded, frequently exceeding 50 degrees C.

Public holidays: Fixed dates
Jan 1 (New Year's Day), Jan 7 (Lidet), Jan 19 (Epiphany), Mar 8 (International Women's Day), May 1 (Workers' Day), May 24 (Independence Day), Jun 20 (Martyrs' Day), Jul 16 (Mewlid Al Neby), Sep 1 (Anniversary of the Armed Struggle), Sep 27(Meskel), Dec 25 (Christmas).
Variable dates
Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Easter.
Travel Advisory and Visas: Visas may be obtained from the Eritrean Embassy in Washington DC.Tourist visa requires 1 application, 1 photo, $25 fee (no personal checks). Allow 3 working days for processing. For more information, contact the Embassy of Eritrea, 1708 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009, (202/319-1991). Fax: 202-319-1304.
New York Times Home Delivery
Average Daily Temperature
Capital: Asmara
January: 25.6°C / 78°F
July: 34.4°C / 94°F
Annual Rainfall: 203.2mm / 8''

Ethiopia: 912km
Sudan: 605km
Djibouti: 113km
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Sources: The World Factbook; EIU; Lexis-Nexis;CW; CIA and World Population Prospects.


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